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Dennis Basa Guinto

~Hello! Does anyone know an easy way to add plain column headers (no sorting) in a GridField?~ I just found gridfieldextensions' GridFieldTitleHeader. I almost created a custom GridField_HTMLProvider.

Dennis Basa Guinto

I'm using the GridFieldSortableHeader as a component in there. The headers go away without it.

Dennis Basa Guinto

And I'm using the userforms module there by the way. It's just implemented on a certain non-SiteTree DataObject.


Will silverstripe-mock-dataobjects be updated to work with ss4. Or is anyone planning to write a Faker module?


Am I right in thinking that

  1. $gridFieldConfig = GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor::create();
  2. $gridFieldConfig->removeComponentsByType("GridFieldAddNewButton");

should remove the Add New button from the relation editor gridfield?