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  1. $controllerName = $this->getPage()->getControllerName();
  2. $controller = new $controllerName($this->getPage());
  3. $html = $controller->render();

but it only partially renders 😕


If anybody has any pointers on where to get started making the blog module work I would appreciate it. I need for users (in a specific group) to be able to write blog posts without having page editing permissions and I also need to style the blog posts them selves. This is the first module I have used for Silver Stripe so unfamiliarity with the module system may be harming me. Is there a good module to get started on to feel my way around a bit? I have read. I did not find it much help. I have looked at and but as far as I can tell there they assume I already know how do to the basic things I cannot do.
It may be that this is not the blogging module I need....


you can grant permission to specific users for each blog, is that not enough?


hi all, how to i enable the search in SilverStripe 4?


@heggsta i'm trying to find the right code for to enable the search in _config file, like for example FulltextSearchable::enable();, does this work on SS4? or has that changed?


in one of your config (.yml) files:

  1. SilverStripe\CMS\Model\SiteTree:
  2. extensions:
  3. - SilverStripe\ORM\Search\FulltextSearchable