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lloy0076 When uploading animated GIFs in the content area they don't animate after the page is published.

I tried turning off resizing but that didn't work. I also tested it with Silverstripe 4 but it's the same problem.

What can I do to keep animated GIFs as they are when users upload them within the content area?

nicolaas This lesson about uploading an image or file is great but what is the latest way in SS4 to upload multiple images at a time. To create a gallery for example with out using GridField.

Does anyone have an example as I'm struggling to convert my old $many_many code.

nicolaas I want to override 'loginForm' method in 'LoginHandler' class. I am trying to use the code given below for that. But it is not working.


conrad After upgrading silverstripe 3.3 to silverstripe 4.0 I get this error. If I comment the line of the error a same error with a different php script appears. After some research I havent find a working solution. I already tried to /dev/build and /?flush=1 and /?flush=all but the error appears also trying.

Fatal error: Couldn\'t parse D:\xampp\htdocs\test4/cms/silverstripe-assets/src/AssetControlExtension.php when building config static manifest in...

Andre Kiste public $columnMap = array(

'Date'      => 'Date',
'FirstName' => 'FirstName',
'amount'      =>  'Amount',

); public $duplicateChecks = array( 'FirstName' => 'FirstName', );

In $duplicateChecks i need to check FirstName+amount.How can i implement this?

Andre Kiste In our system old capcha is going to expird on 03-31. So we need to update it to recapcha2 version. Any one can explain the process in silverstripe.