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nicolaas I want to override 'loginForm' method in 'LoginHandler' class. I am trying to use the code given below for that. But it is not working.


conrad After upgrading silverstripe 3.3 to silverstripe 4.0 I get this error. If I comment the line of the error a same error with a different php script appears. After some research I havent find a working solution. I already tried to /dev/build and /?flush=1 and /?flush=all but the error appears also trying.

Fatal error: Couldn\'t parse D:\xampp\htdocs\test4/cms/silverstripe-assets/src/AssetControlExtension.php when building config static manifest in...

Andre Kiste public $columnMap = array(

'Date'      => 'Date',
'FirstName' => 'FirstName',
'amount'      =>  'Amount',

); public $duplicateChecks = array( 'FirstName' => 'FirstName', );

In $duplicateChecks i need to check FirstName+amount.How can i implement this?

Andre Kiste In our system old capcha is going to expird on 03-31. So we need to update it to recapcha2 version. Any one can explain the process in silverstripe.