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its odd and probably my installation, but on some pages I get results (but not actually what I expect) and on others no results at all...

I had to switch to using $Matches in the results page as $results just caled the results function of the shop-search module - sooo...

@wmk I just finished a filter if you want to access the code?

@bummzack was me I missed a $Products in the loop and therefore pulled the wrong info through to the template! DOH!

anyone In here I can chat to about swipestripe - baffles me how its "out the box" but bits of javascript dont work with no console/network or error logs to say why

@LiamC just out of curiosity: are you starting a new site using swipestripe? Or is this legacy code you need to maintain?

Its a new site on SS 3.6.2 (we updating our servers in the next few months to 4)