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or you can make a validator for that one that will be checking if it's in the right parent class


We have a client that want to embed <script> code in the CMS for his social media curator accounts which is fine but I cant get it to render as HTML , it just shows the code rather than rendering. Anyone got any ideas please?


How should I migrate elemental elements from elemental 1.x to 3.x (SS 3.x vs. 4.x)?

Probable it needs some remapping but is there a migration Task to reflect that BaseElement now extends now DO instead of Widget?

  1. SilverStripe\ORM\DatabaseAdmin:
  2. classname_value_remapping:
  3. ElementalArea: DNADesign\Elemental\Models\ElementalArea
  4. BaseElement: DNADesign\Elemental\Models\BaseElement

have you tried something and had problems? I would've thought that dev/build with the legacy classname remapping config would've done most of the work for you


migration runs trough but elements are all gone or not associated how they should.