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ok yeah you're right, you need to change it both places

  1. # app/_config/mysite.yml
  2. SilverStripe\AssetAdmin\Controller\AssetAdmin:
  3. menu_title: 'Document Store'
  5. # app/lang/en.yml
  6. en:
  7. SilverStripe\AssetAdmin\Controller\AssetAdmin:
  8. MENUTITLE: 'Document Store'

because LeftAndMain::menu_title() default for $localise is true, and :

  1. // Check localisation
  2. if (!$localise) {
  3. return $title;
  4. }
  5. return i18n::_t("{$class}.MENUTITLE", $title);

Yea, _t only falls back to the config variable if the translation doesn't exist

but in asset admin, the translated value is set

Is there a way to install silverstripe with an error in install.php?

Cause my host says the mod_rewrite is a dynamic module, not static. Thats why there is an error

the installer is just checking the requirements for you, so if it says you don't have the necessary support for it then it's basically telling you that your site won't work if you do install it