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hey there, looking for something to-do during Christmas weekends

looking for a few good SS developers that want extra part time work. if so pm me and we can talk on skype or via phone....Eastern Time US

Looking for a SilverStripe developer to join Syracuse Design Group for freelance/contract work. Remote friendly.

Web Design & Custom Application Development for over 15 years in Syracuse, NY

📢 Anyone (or of you know anyone) in the San Francisco area interested in working at eBay, let me know! 😊 Front-end, back-end or full stack.

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Hello SilverStripe community! We're looking for an experienced SilverStripe developer to join us over spring/summer for approximately 3-6 months. If you're interested in spending time in and exploring beautiful Scotland &#x1F3F4&#xE0067&#xE0062&#xE0073&#xE0063&#xE0074󠁿 then let me know!

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