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I'm currently updating a SilverShop to SS4. Due to file versioning and old content OrderItem doesn't show the latest Image, as the Product was published some time ago and the Images got versioned recently during the update to SS4. Anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Seems I need to update the file version table...

well, just trying to figure that out per SQL... is tricky, when one image is used by more products...

I tend to keep it simple and just set files "last edited" to created...

then it's older than the latest product version before the update

  1. UPDATE File_Versions fv
  2. RIGHT JOIN SilverShop_Product_Versions pr ON (fv.RecordID = pr.ImageID AND pr.ImageID > 0)
  4. SET LastEdited = Created;

Hi guys,

Looking into the default fields of Order class in ss4. And i cant seem to find anywhere in the code where $Order->Dispatched is updated?

Anyone know where in the code this is updated?