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Seems I need to update the file version table...

well, just trying to figure that out per SQL... is tricky, when one image is used by more products...

I tend to keep it simple and just set files "last edited" to created...

then it's older than the latest product version before the update

  1. UPDATE File_Versions fv
  2. RIGHT JOIN SilverShop_Product_Versions pr ON (fv.RecordID = pr.ImageID AND pr.ImageID > 0)
  4. SET LastEdited = Created;

Hi guys,

Looking into the default fields of Order class in ss4. And i cant seem to find anywhere in the code where $Order->Dispatched is updated?

Anyone know where in the code this is updated?


Might be old or outdated, can’t see it used anymore

OrderStatusLog is a better place for it as it tracks it over time.

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