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Does anyone know if any change from ss 4.1 to ss 4.2 could affect the use of silverstripe-fulltextsearch?

I feel like I have the same setup on 2 projects but it only works on the ss 4.1

Indexes are created and doing a search directly via the Solr admin works fine, but somehow not via the SearchForm

Hmm it works if I remove this from my index $this->excludeVariantState([SearchVariantVersioned::class => Versioned::DRAFT])

There are a lot of optimisations to be made for FTS though

I'm trying to set up Solr search with Fluent ( which works fine ), but I cant get it to show Elemental results. I thought this would work:

  1. SilverStripe\FullTextSearch\Search\FullTextSearch:
  2. indexes:
  3. - NobrainerWeb\App\Solr\SolrIndex
  4. - DNADesign\Elemental\Search\ElementalSolrIndex

But appearently not