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There are a lot of optimisations to be made for FTS though


I'm trying to set up Solr search with Fluent ( which works fine ), but I cant get it to show Elemental results. I thought this would work:

  1. SilverStripe\FullTextSearch\Search\FullTextSearch:
  2. indexes:
  3. - NobrainerWeb\App\Solr\SolrIndex
  4. - DNADesign\Elemental\Search\ElementalSolrIndex

But appearently not


has anyone ever been asked to make a site scorm complaint?


Hi All how silverstripe getting its default composer packages does it has a default configuration?


anyone knows a decent Geo location field ?


i tried but it seems i cant unset Location there

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Lets you record a precise location using latitude/longitude/zoom fields to a DataObject. Displays a map using the Google Maps API.

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@JithinDev There's a composer.json file in the root of the install. If you use composer create-project to get the initial code, you'll get the 'default' set for the CMS, simple theme, etc.


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