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Although, PHP7.0 went end of life before PHP5.6 @nathan - is there any possibility of upgrading?


Well, you should upgrade your PHP version indeed, but also, an install will use an existing composer.lock file. If that composer.lock file is generated with a different PHP version, it may or may not refuse to work


An update often would work then, but still, using 7.0 is not a good idea


Yeah that's a point. E.g. If the site was developed (locally) on PHP 7.2, but the server runs PHP 7.0, then composer install is going to have a bad time :/


Security updates for PHP 7.0 are still offered on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Ironically, it's the opposite.... server's on 7.2 and local VM is on 7.0. An upgrade to both will come soon.

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I’m trying to create a has_one relation to a SilverStripe\Security\Member, but it doesn’t seem to work. Are there any restrictions?

  1. private static $has_one = [
  2. 'Startnumber' => EscStartnumber::class,
  3. 'Race' => EscRace::class,
  4. 'Season' => EscSeason::class,
  5. 'Driver' => Member::class,
  6. 'Class' => EscClass::class
  7. ];

There are no restrictions, but just your has_one doesn't tell much 🙂


Hej @Firesphere There’s already a column MemberID for this DataObject. But as soon as I add the has_one the site crashes without error. And I want to access the member via $this->Driver().


If the Member (DriverID) is set, that should be possible