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so that's what's going wrong. The server does not properly tell PHP it's on https

anyway… we’ve encountered the same issue with Josh and yes, it can be fixed by the proxy config update

Hello, we have similar setup, SSL connection to Nginx reverse-proxy and then HTTP connection to Apache server. All projects configured with (SS3) Director.alternate_protocol = 'https' to generate proper links. SS4 simplified configuration and all you need is to set SS_BASE_URL to external url.

@MichalKleiner docker nginx-proxy has 2 modes how to forward connection. default is to connect with http.

Thanks @MichalKleiner, good to see it wasn’t just me having issues. RPAF has done the trick for now, so I’ve incorporated it into the Apache Dockerfile for the meantime.

thanks @gregsmirnov… our issue is that we could have several domains and need something universal independent of SS itself

so what’s your setup now @Josh? did you enable something like this?


@MichalKleiner that’s exactly right. In my Dockerfile I’m extending the official httpd image, compiling the mod_rpaf extension, and then loading it via an Apache conf file.

Since this image is mainly used for dev, I added the following under the RPAF_ProxyIPs:

  1. RPAF_ProxyIPs