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People who develop live, or commit their configs, etc.

Does anyone know how one would typically set up a shared Solr instance on a linux server?

It's not too complicated. You can either do it in a container if you're using something like Docker, or just install the Solr service

Make sure you get the right Solr version if you're doing this for search. You'll need to check which versions are supported

Just thinking if there are any restrictions accessing the Solr instance on one website, by other websites on the server

I'm not sure what you can do with Solr 4... the later versions support authentication out of the box I think

I briefly fiddled with a Solarium interface at the tail end of last year, but never got very far with it. Usual story: commercial pressure got in the way and quicker solutions were needed!

Yeah if I cant get this to work I'll set up a new solr instasnce on a different port i guess

might be some firewalling between the different users on the machine. Maybe support can help you...

You'll want it to run via webdav, and open port 8983 to any IP that needs to connect to it