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Are there any good working modules for ElasticSearch by any chance?

Hi all, some of us are wondering if people might be interested in a brief social real-life catch up in London? Basically a weekday evening, a pub, fairly central, sometime between 13-23 feb (cos that is when Ramon Lapenta is visiting from America!!) details to be finalised if there is interest) Here is a poll to vote:

/poll “Do you want to join a social meet up in London?” “Yes (& I am in London)” “No but would do if I was in London” “No I don’t like the idea”

While you're at that... You could have a chat about the next location of StripeCon EU 😇

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Ah, right, I thought you were replying to me about the StripeCon location... That was confusing. Blegh, obviously I'm in Saturday-morning mode 😄