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I'm sure it could be better executed, but that wasn't really what I need it for 🙂


One of our former devs built something similar for SS3, never got updated for 4 though

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It’d need rebuilding from scratch anyway 😛


For the actual project, I think the toast will be a bit less intrusive anyway. It's so a micromanager can "assist" the editors

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do you have that as a Role in your CMS? that'd be classic


Hi all, So I'm having trouble creating a form that will allow users to update their own details. I have extended the member class and added a few extra fields relevant to the site. Then I've created a page that only logged in users can access which has a form that has all the same fields as the member field. If when I build the form I do: $member = ExtendedMember::currentUser(); $form->loadDataFrom($member); return $form; It doesn't work. Any ideas why?