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Any reason you're using IIS specifically? It works, but Apache is a lot easier


Why would 'From CMS' stop working, initial page load gets files/folder list, but trying to change a folder results in no results being returned/or no change to the folder - console shows no page errors, and network shows no POST/GET requests... SS3.7.2


Not sure if it's a bug, but in this installation I can only get the directory listing if I first open the search, then close it - this then fires the XHR loading of the currently selected folder...


Loop $Menu won’t work if their “Show in menus”-setting is disabled. How can I retrieve these as a best practice even though they are not visible to the menu. My case is I want to display certain pages in the footer / top menu, and users should be able to uncheck “Show in menus” and check another setting to display it else where. I can solve this by checking “Show in menus” and check the custom / additional setting, but that is very very confusing for the end users. Any suggestions? Thanks.