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/poll “Do you want to join a social meet up in London?” “Yes (& I am in London)” “No but would do if I was in London” “No I don’t like the idea”


While you're at that... You could have a chat about the next location of StripeCon EU 😇

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Ah, right, I thought you were replying to me about the StripeCon location... That was confusing. Blegh, obviously I'm in Saturday-morning mode 😄


Why would an SRI for CSS work locally, but not on production? It's the same CSS that's build, it's the same hash that's generated, yet production throws a warning saying the sha's don't match


@Ramon Lapenta Not your fault, I'm in Saturday mode, so I just misunderstood 😄


I just created a new SS4 site from scratch, and my css isn't being updated after changes. I have to run composer vendor-expose to make it happen. That can't be right can it?