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$owns publishes relations when a publishRecursive is triggered. This extra method is to prevent accidental publishing of related items that should not be published by default 🙂

You're welcome 🙂 That's what we're here for 😄

Talk to @StripeSlackBot in Apps. She'll be able to help you. Usage: <query> from:<user> in:<channel> sort:asc|desc limit:<number>, where query: The text to search for; user: If you want to limit the search to one user, the username; channel: If you want to limit the search to one channel, the channel name; sort: Either asc if you want to search starting with the oldest messages, or desc if you want to start from the newest. Default is asc.; limit: The number of responses to return. Default 10. webinterface is at

Yay! The bot still works. Just checking, ignore my previous message and this one; thank you

I noticed in a couple of conversations that people were moving away from installing themes via composer and just running them inline as a regular folder. Is composer still the recommended way?

Composer is the recommended way to install the base theme, like starter and/or Watea

Not having it in composer has the advantage that you can edit it without getting notifications about changes