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You're welcome 🙂 That's what we're here for 😄

Talk to @StripeSlackBot in Apps. She'll be able to help you. Usage: <query> from:<user> in:<channel> sort:asc|desc limit:<number>, where query: The text to search for; user: If you want to limit the search to one user, the username; channel: If you want to limit the search to one channel, the channel name; sort: Either asc if you want to search starting with the oldest messages, or desc if you want to start from the newest. Default is asc.; limit: The number of responses to return. Default 10. webinterface is at

Yay! The bot still works. Just checking, ignore my previous message and this one; thank you

Quite a few results about the owns property here:;Channel%5B%5D=&amp;User%5B%5D=&amp;action_doSearch=Search

Slack Archive - Search for: private static owns | SilverStripe Users Slackarchive

I noticed in a couple of conversations that people were moving away from installing themes via composer and just running them inline as a regular folder. Is composer still the recommended way?

Composer is the recommended way to install the base theme, like starter and/or Watea

Not having it in composer has the advantage that you can edit it without getting notifications about changes

The more usual way, is to use starter and Watea and build on top of that with the template inheritance

Unless the design implemented looks nothing like either of them and they don't give you a starting point, of course. Then it's better to simply not include them