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Hi all, So I'm having trouble creating a form that will allow users to update their own details. I have extended the member class and added a few extra fields relevant to the site. Then I've created a page that only logged in users can access which has a form that has all the same fields as the member field. If when I build the form I do: $member = ExtendedMember::currentUser(); $form->loadDataFrom($member); return $form; It doesn't work. Any ideas why?

I also can't save the form results to the user like I would expect inside the submit method: private function submitForm($data, $form){ $member = ExtendedMember::currentUser(); $form->saveInto($member); $member->write(); $form->sessionMessage('Your details have been updated','good'); return $this->redirectBack(); }

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

@StefanO Did you use a data extension to extend the member class?

Did you want the Member class to be separate from the ExtendedMember class?

@frontiex Nah I just extended member. I have it working now, I was just not loading in the data correctly in the form template. But for some reason it's still not saving it correctly on the submisison

Is the submission hitting the method that's supposed to save the form?