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Jim Speir

My thoughts are with any of you using Azure DBs in production. Sorry for your loss 😉


Hi guys! I need to unpublish a lot of pages quickly and i am not sure how to do it programatically


@nightjarnz - would you agree to lessen z-index to 99998?

it would allow #BetterNavigator to go in front of #share-draft-content-message? and saves me from adding another css-hack in my boilerplate styles.

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I can see why it's 999999999999999999999999e999999999999


to be in front of whatever a site's CSS defines with a z-index in the same stacking context (which is body, or html in this case)


@Scopey it drops even one more 😉 @nightjarnz named it "something sensible" on GH. What is sensible? May 90000 I would say? I wrote 99998 because this is the minimal drop or maximal value not to conflict with

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haha @lerni that was the reason I said "sensible" :P It's very subjective


sensible may not allways go for the max 😉


'll try to create a PR anytime soon...

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