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ok, i have another question, if i have a top level page that i want to redirect instantly when visited , how do i do?


because if i put a redirector page as a child, the user still needs to click on it


is it possible or i need add the redirector page to the top level page "group" to be included in the settings menu?

Karina Gaulin

I'm trying to import a file with the queries in lesson 15 but getting this error, does this look familiar to anyone?

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Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 9.07.56 AM.png
Karina Gaulin

I figured out that AvailableStart was misspelled in Property.php, but I fixed that and imported again, and still getting same error.


@Karina Gaulin Did you dev/build after you fixed the misspelling? It will be treated as a whole new db field and as such will need to be added to the database. You can check the structure tab and see if it exists there as well

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Where does the favicon.ico file go in SS4. Tried googling but couldn't find it.


Wherever you want it to, as long as the location is exposed with vendor-expose