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I am trying to overwrite a methode in a Module. This is my extension ```


Im trying to overwrite a methode in a module. I created the extension like

  1. class MessagesPageExtension extends MessagesPage
  2. {
  3. public static function get_messages_extended($exclude = null, $thereads)
  4. { ....

and this is how i inject it into the class

  1. Injector:
  2. MessagesPage:
  3. class: MessagesPageExtension

but my extension never gets called. I don’t see what i am missing. Was it possible to do so in ss3? In ss4 it would work like that. So please give me a hint.


Usual things apply... syntax of the yml file, dev/build, 🚽


id probably go around it - add a different method that calls the get_messages method and then manipulates the list afterwards, or something

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