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Damn, I wanted to register a listing but most of what I’ve done has been sub-contracting so it is hard to put something into the showcase as solely my work.


Not entirely sure I'd worry about it @robjingram - I'd bet that most of the show cases are extremely out of date as it is.


Unless the sub contract has a clause saying you can't talk about it I say go ahead. Just mention you did it as part of Agency X or whatever

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or just get in touch and ask, if you're not sure 🙂


@robjingram There are a few of "developers" I found that had links which went to expired urls etc. If you have something in there, it's better than nothing and having at least a link to your website or similar will make you not the worst in the directory if you don't have examples to show. As an example, we have a requirement of a dev who is in Auckland. From the results, there were a number of agencies but only one contractor. The contractor's url had been purchased by another company so we had no way to see anything more about them. In this instance, if you were in the directory, were in Auckland, and had a link to a decent website—relative to the directory—you'd literally be the number 1 contractor on our list. May that give you motivation to act 😌


Who was the contractor @taoceanz - you could try an @ and start typing their name to see if they're here :> (provided their name is relatively unique in the community :P)


@nightjarnz Andy Karwal. @Andy is the only one who could possibly be the correct Andy. All other Andy's have different surnames or aren't in NZ timezone.

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