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Typo, was meant to read "should take down". Are there a few?


Hey all, we're looking to fill a full time Senior Developer role. Located in Wellington. The role is to work across our team (both on bespoke project and support as required):

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Senior Developer/Senior Support Desk Developer - Somar Design Studios

Senior Developer/Senior Support Desk Developer - Somar Design Studios

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Hello everyone! ☺️ I'm officially on the market for a full-time, remote or on-site (San Francisco Bay area) position. I'm a full-stack developer and my strengths are in backend, SS, and working with customer-facing teams, like marketing (e.g. corporate sites).

I'm currently at a director-level and am interested in primarily backend development, and/or directing a team of developers (for on-site positions), and/or people-facing roles (e.g. technical consultant - or other technical roles working face-to-face with the customer).

My most recent work history is 7 years at Marketo as the Principal Web Developer and just over a year at SignalFx as Director Web/App Development. You can DM me here or on Discord (where our DMs won't disappear) for more information.

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I'm afraid to ask what hrly is needed to support an SF dev 🙂

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Haha 😂 I'll DM you. Probably not as high as you'd think!

Ed Linklater

>Probably not as high as you'd think! insert california weed joke here


cool, that's actually pretty near to Krems where this year's will take place


you can add yourself to the mailing list so we can keep you informed


Bwahahahahaha 😂 I used to live about 6 hours from Weed, California.


Sounds like it was the only legal weed in california for a long time 😉 In 🇩🇪 some people love hash functions.

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