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Hi, I'm user silverstripe/userforms 4.5.2, and I'm having trouble working out how to edit the fields in the form (prior to passing them to the page). In older versions of the plugin I just overrode the getFormFields() method (in UserDefinedForm.php), but in this version that method appears to have been removed.

I notice that there's another magic method ($this->Fields()) if I override that instead then do think it'd work? Any other ideas?


Moin (UGT), does SS3 have a module where you can "create a new page from a content template", where the content template (another page) cannot be overwritten by editors?


yup, but then they can also accidently overwrite the original one

Dennis Basa Guinto

Hi guys! I'm working on this old project with SS3.1.13. Running a BuildTask seems to return a redirect to the login page.

  1. [~/www]# /usr/bin/php /home/some-project/www/framework/cli-script.php dev/tasks/SomeTask
  2. Status: 302 Found
  3. X-Powered-By: PHP/5.6.15