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You said it works properly when the method is false, right?


it only triggered the issue when it was true


let me set it to always be false and see if it displays nicely

Justin White

Hey all, out of curiosity, is there a game plan to get the SS4 lessons and docs up to date? I’m not what one may call a complete SS novice, but I’m constantly running into inconsistencies which are more than road blocks. IMHO SS3.6 + was excellent, and I don’t see all that much reason to do new sites in SS4.

Justin White

That is if you factor in how difficult it is just to get the base install working with anything except the simple theme based on the tuts.


The docs are fairly up to date as far as I know, not too sure about the lessons


Just to add my two pence worth... From a total beginner's perspective the lessons are excellent. Seems like the only people who complain are those with prior baggage on how they conceive silverstripe should work. Maybe someone could just add a caveat at the start of the lessons stating that all baggage should be left at the door....


I find confusion often stems from people invested in one particular kind of medium (video rather than text).