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okay cool. just didnt want the site to blow up if i removed it xD


Thats always good.... now i can pull out my hair with a different project 👍

Jim Speir

Well... not specifically explosions... 🙄


is it true that i don’t need to escape get vars if i get them like $request->getVar(‘foo’)???


An http iframe inside an https website should never work afaik


Is it possible to have nesting levels in the site tree that don't introduce new pages (or at the least, new url segments to subpages)? One of our clients has a page with a lot of children and they've asked to group them into folders but i've never seen anything like that, and i'm probably just going to suggest either "no" or use lumberjack and a gridfield they can sort / filter


well, sitetree wasn't designed for that usecase. Every branch of the tree is a part of an url. You might create a special page type that doesn't append the URLSegment, but you also need to modify ModelAsController to ingore that part if it's that page type.


I did it once vice versa. I have a "AccommodationHolder" with a lot of "AccommodationPages" and wanted to inject the town of each accommodation. It took some time until it worked - and it's not very elegant code.


but with xdebug and a bit of digging around you can surely inject some kind of "FolderPages". I'd suggest the customer to use SiteTree's table view and search functionality, in combinatino with Lumberjack for Holder/Page patterns