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hi all, I'm trying to follow the guide at but when I build the module, it complains Unable to resolve path to module 'lib/Injector'

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normally for me this means you need the source version of the composer packages (composer install --prefer-source). note you need to remove any currently installed ones before it will get a new version. Injector is in the silverstripe-admin package i think


yeah cheers, I set up a new project to get this to build - --prefer-source did the trick

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I've got it building now, and it's making the graphql query, but the HistoryViewerField is not working at all. Any ideas how to troubleshoot that?

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There has been quite a bit of discussion about the history viewer - are you using 4.4? That might be better


yeah my knowledge of the history viewer is pretty slim - but I guess you could use to debug the query and otherwise just the React Devtools/redux devtools in the browser

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Tools to help developers building new applications on SilverStripe’s GraphQL API

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I can see in the network panel the graphql request and response, and it's fine - it's just the history viewer doesn't load, and doesn't give any errors


Oh, you can do a development build of the admin module JS to let you see component names etc from framework - that might help - could then put breakpoints in the history viewer code etc

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I’m trying to use dependent-dropdown-field within assets admin, that is entwine powered field from the react interface… the field is showing fine, but entwine doesn’t work

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probably an obvious thing and it’s not expected to work, but… is there any way around it, apart from reimplementing the field’s features in react?

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the JS is loaded and works elsewhere in the CMS, just not in the react-powered file edit modal

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Sadly, you're going to have a bad time. The form is rendered in react, and as such, only react-ready form fields can go in there.

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