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Hah, yeah... we can't tell what you can change 😄


I tried many ways to resolve it but couldn't reach it.


I cant seem to log into admin, setDefaultAdmin doesnt work, the form just submits and redirects to myself


in SS3 I have a set of products and they have a relation called 'Subcategories' as a many_many - I need to test each product in the set to see if the currently selected 'Subcategory' is in the many_many relation? and return only those - do I need `filter(['Subcategories.Title::ExactMultiMatch' ])??


in the $products list or would it be easier to test $product in a loop with ->Subcategories()->filter(['Title:ExactMatchMulti']) ?


Hello folks, wondering if anyone could help me with an issue im facing. I have installed It works on local but looks like its not detected on staging server. Any thoughts ?, I've already run dev/build and flush=1