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Also there appears to be a bug in the latest SS3 framework with javascript\uploadfield.js < when dragging and dropping a file, it always returns the following error TypeError: firstNewFile.position(...) is null


@r3v3rb not optimal yes but handled per htaccess sounds progressive/good to me and you also don't have to worry about transparency, since webp can handle it and jpeg not.


Anyone here switched from Enum fields to Varchar with code driven list of options? I can see how is the freetext way extensible compared to hardcoded enum, it does require more validation and possibly code defined list of options anyway.. Just interested in opinions.


@MichalKleiner I wonder if on the validation front, pushing constraints to the RDBMS through logic-applied constraints, is possible in SilverStripe. Last time I tried, it ended in misery


I guess you can write custom triggers and what not, have it reference an index etc. Our biggest pain so far is reordering the enums and/or adding a new value anywhere else than at the end.


I use a mixture of both. I ran into trouble using a MultiEnum field and CheckboxSetField some months back and have been using Varchar more often because of it.