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or at least disable it and confirm that it is/isnt a problem

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erughh , I hate inheriting bad work 😒


I agree... I always prefer to create my own bad work from scratch 😄

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Does anyone know if it is possible when creating a custom SS SQLSelect to prevent the framework from adding a into the fields, as in “Select , field 1, field 2…“? I am using joins with group by clauses and it is causing me MySQL errors due to the “sql_mode=only_full_group_by” - if I can ditch the * and only select specific fields that should solve the problem.


What version of SS are you using? The later versions shouldn't have that issue in the ORM


Yes that did it, many thanks Tim!


With SQLSelect, you can use setSelect() to specify the columns

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Karina Gaulin

Is it difficult to upgrade an existing silverstripe project to the latest stable version?