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Jim Speir

Yep, it's hard for people to find you when they don't know you. Also, especially if you're new, it is handy to have an agency helping you out.

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but if i dont have a community showcase? i have always worked for companies using SS @john.milmine @Jim Speir


Two different kinds:

  • Recruitment agency
  • Digital agency (DNA, Heyday, Chrome Toaster, SilverStripe, Springload, Toast, Catalyst, etc)

Quite a few gov teams have their internal teams now, e.g DIA, Education


@SSDevie You can also checkout and signup for Upwork. Lots of potential clients post Silverstripe work there as well.

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Little Giant, DNA, Springload, Heyday, Chrometoaster, SilverStripe Ltd & plenty more

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Heyday -> Wunderman Thompson now

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Entirely depends on the size of the project, but have a look here:

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SilverStripe Developer Network

Developers and organisations who develop using the SilverStripe

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Anyone know a good SEO/SEM resource?


Yes! U.S. based,! Owner's name is Nate. Tell him Nathan referred you. We used them at Marketo and I highly recommend them.