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is it possible to set a selection on a dropdown field? similar to my quesiton above but a different field type. $Country->setAttribute("selected", $Member->ShippingCountry()->Country);


tried this aswell $Country->isSelectedValue($Member->ShippingCountryID, $Member->ShippingCountry()->Country);


talk about over complicate a situation 🙃🔫


Hi. Inside a dataextension, how do i set a field to be required in the Admin CMS?


Hi all, i'm currently upgrading a module from ss3 to ss4 - it's using renderWith(). The problem is it doesn't appear to be looking in the module folder for the template. instead it's just looking in standard themes - hopw can i correct this?

  1. None of the following templates could be found: XXX\XXX\XXX in themes "Array ( [0] => silverstripe/admin:cms-forms [1] => $default )

ah its in the backend? you need to add it to admin themes