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That’s right @nightjarnz … the thing is that and are on the same level, then we have the template folder containing other page types… none of which have the required .js file loading ??


It gets weirder — according to console navscript.js IS loading… ??!! So in answer to your comment @nightjarnz there is NO error ??


Is your homepage actually matching the classname? Is it really the homepage?


^ good one — homepage is not created as type homepage in a blank cms, it just has the home slug, but type ‘Page’


@Firesphere and @MichalKleiner --how can I tell if homepage ‘actually matches the classname’? It looks like HomePage is supposed to??

Strange thing is that is doing all the stuff it’s supposed to. It’s every other page that isn’t!!


Yep, that’s the template it’s using. How can I make the rest of the site ‘behave’? Need to dropdown second level nav on all pages, not just one! 😁


Hi Everyone. I am trying to filter a view on multiple different select fields and busy looking for a library to take care of most of the logic. has anyone got an preference? Edit: Found something that works quite nice.