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Is your homepage actually matching the classname? Is it really the homepage?


^ good one — homepage is not created as type homepage in a blank cms, it just has the home slug, but type ‘Page’


@Firesphere and @MichalKleiner --how can I tell if homepage ‘actually matches the classname’? It looks like HomePage is supposed to??

Strange thing is that is doing all the stuff it’s supposed to. It’s every other page that isn’t!!


Yep, that’s the template it’s using. How can I make the rest of the site ‘behave’? Need to dropdown second level nav on all pages, not just one! 😁


Hi Everyone. I am trying to filter a view on multiple different select fields and busy looking for a library to take care of most of the logic. has anyone got an preference? Edit: Found something that works quite nice.


Well, update. It was as simple as setting SS_TRUSTED_PROXY_IPS to *


Hey @halles, I was scrolling backhistory and saw this. Just wanted to say - be very careful using * for this. It allows for weird edge case issues - like if attackers can person-in-the-middle a wifi connection for example, they can make the site appear to be https for a user when it’s actually http and session cookies etc are sent in the clear


If you set * you need to make sure that only your load balancer or WAF can access your site directly (e.g. IP whitelist your site to only allow the WAF IPs access). Alternatively, set it to a list of IP addresses that you know are allowable upstream proxies (e.g. your WAF IP ranges), any other IP that hits the site won’t be trusted - they can still access the site but we won’t infer anything from the headers the browser sends


Yeah, I ended up adding only the appropriate IPs. There’s only one env that has * but it’s just used as a sandbox, has no content I could be concerned with


Every other default was working as expected


Ugh, when you are asked to take over support of a site built in Wordpress