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Ramon Lapenta

ohh, I’m not sure that’s possible. The version of jQuery used is tied to a lot of things in the CMS


Well even SS4 still uses jQuery in places. You can call Requirements::block('path/to/old/jquery.min.js') and then replace it with your own version: Requirements::javascript('/path/to/new/jquery.min.js') and call each from init()


@hieroishere I guess entwine is the show stoper?


It’s not actually entwine, it’s just old version. I’ve worked around it by using a different version of the asset manager that comes with a self contained jquery.


I need to import a bunch of images from external URLs and I would like to do that programmatically. They need to be curled/guzzled, saved into a assets/Image::class. The image also needs an owner, a relation and to be published. I’m looking for an example how to do that rather than starting from scratch... any pointers are highly appreciated 🙂