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Although, an XML parser could probably be used on Content


SS uses it internally already :> see HTMLFragment iirc

Ramon Lapenta

I’d solve that by adding a ShortDescription field to the items

Ramon Lapenta

Not as programmatic but probably easier to do, and more predictive for the client to use


Interesting — if there’s no actual paragraph it shows the whole content of the page! That’s headings, lists, everything! ShortDescription field is another workaround, could also display a set number of characters but this could be problematic — client would need to keep a count on Level 2 headings which restricts what they could say and how they say it…

Ramon Lapenta

Yes, also clients always manage to do weird things, like copying from word, or a video or image or a list with titles inside or who knows what combination of all those

Ramon Lapenta

I prefer to give them something they will always know how will turn out