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Anyone know a good SEO/SEM resource?


Yes! U.S. based,! Owner's name is Nate. Tell him Nathan referred you. We used them at Marketo and I highly recommend them.


Hi all, we're looking for developers with experience in SilverStripe and frontend JavaScript (especially Vue.js):

Fire an email to mailto:[email protected]|[email protected] if interested.

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We're hiring - Somar Design Studios

We're hiring - Somar Design Studios

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Anyone on here know a decent, no BS, company that manages PPC and Facebook Advertising?


Our client would prefer UK based, but not so fussed on location

Ewan Duthie

Hi @Mo - search or display networks, or both? Happy to have a chat or give a no-obligation account review. We manage a couple of dozen PPC accounts and a few FB advertising accounts. UK based


Hi @Mo. If you haven't found someone already, check out Its run by a facebook marketing expert I've worked with


Hi. Sadly my experience has been the same. Lots of waffle and big bills