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Yeah, it seems to be very difficult to do that. Thanks anyway, I'll keep working on it


For pages that should be accessible via a special link, I think there's a module that does that


but I do think that module publishes, but validates the hash, not if the user has permission to use the hash


Basically, let's roll back and look at what you and your client actually want to achieve?


A logged-in-users only page? Then... why not make it accessible to logged in users, or specific users only? A page that is only accessible if users have the correct link/data, e.g. to share a preview of a blogpost? Then the hashing method should work


This package requires php 7.2 but your PHP version (7.2.9) does not satisfy that requirement.


Anyone have experience streaming and downloading a PDF from an S3 bucket? For some reason, I can't open some downloaded pdfs in adobe or save it from the browser, but sometimes for certain files it works fine. The code I have currently to download it is:

  1. $filePath = $file->Path;
  2. $data = stream_get_contents($service->getFile($filePath)->readStream());
  3. header("Content-type: application/pdf");
  4. $fileTitle = 'test.pdf';
  5. header("Content-disposition: attachment;filename=." . $fileTitle);
  6. echo $data;

does Silverstripe have any support for srcsets? (sry cat on keyboard)