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  1. TinyMCEConfig::get("cwp")->setOption("table_class_list", [
  2. [ "title" => 'None', "value" => '' ],
  3. [ "title" => 'Dog', "value" => 'dog' ],
  4. [ "title" => 'Cat', "value" => 'cat' ],
  5. ]);

Could anyone point me in the direction where i may dig up more info abt the default items cached in silverstripe-cache folder? Am trying to evaluate the security of these items


@Nik the only thing I can think of is that it expects a map of objects in JS and I’m not sure how arrays translate to that when defined in PHP…. you an try passing stdClass objects with properties…


Anyone know a service that can convert html to a pdf but split the PDF onto A4 pages?


I did find this (which looks like it may do what we want)


But not sure if it will, or if there is something better


Hey guys, a previous developer has run off and left my client with a binary, which I figured out was a tarball, the extension was removed - I think he was maybe making it purposefully difficult to rescue for some reason. Anyway, it looks like a dump of a Linux box, which contained a SilverStripe application (I've never used SS before, but I'm confident I can get the hang of it in a day or two, it's a CMS which is built on MVC design patterns, right? I see there is an ORM, so I'll delve into the code and get a feel for how it all hangs together).

She would like the SilverStripe app live again, so I'm looking at doing a migration (of sorts) on to a new box. It was an existing app that was running and it's just been dumped into a tarball of the entire box. Does anyone have an idea as to where I can look for documentation to get this back online? Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Cheers, Jon