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If you want/need, there are some good folks around here, so you could ask someone to help you (not free, but who knows?) and/or at least give you some insights on what the code is supposed to do, so you could either rewrite, or improve on it 🙂


Depending on what version of SilverStripe, you might want to check in at #cms3 or #cms4, for more specific questions. If it's SilverStripe 2.x, I feel so sorry for you...


@Firesphere I've dealt with extremely terrible codebases before, so I think I'll be okay 🙂 I worked on a project that had been originally outsourced to India and built on Yii1 MVC. There was a controller action that was in the thousands of lines of code. Thanks for the advice, I'll ask the relevant people as and when 🙂


Don't feel bad to ask "stupid" questions on here if you run in to trouble. There are no stupid questions 🙂

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@Mo we’ve built something using wkhtmltopdf, a binary u can install on ur server. Will need to play ard with the html though, since with pixel to irl dimensions, some css/html dun play that nice


Some other things I remember having issues with would be pagination, since webpages flow without that concept; although wkhtmltopdf supports pagebreaks, we couldn’t get that wotking the way we wanted. The pdfs on this site were generated on the fly from cms content:

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@Mo I've done some multi-page PDF stuff with wkhtmltopdf too. You can use the CSS @page rules to specify page sizes, breaks, etc.


I have tried this on other projects, but found @page to be a little temperamental, though it's possible it was my CSS 🤔