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@Mo we’ve built something using wkhtmltopdf, a binary u can install on ur server. Will need to play ard with the html though, since with pixel to irl dimensions, some css/html dun play that nice


Some other things I remember having issues with would be pagination, since webpages flow without that concept; although wkhtmltopdf supports pagebreaks, we couldn’t get that wotking the way we wanted. The pdfs on this site were generated on the fly from cms content:

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@Mo I've done some multi-page PDF stuff with wkhtmltopdf too. You can use the CSS @page rules to specify page sizes, breaks, etc.


I have tried this on other projects, but found @page to be a little temperamental, though it's possible it was my CSS 🤔


Hi all I need a little help. I've run MigrateFileTask in my local project. I need to migrate old site(3.1.12) assets to new site(ss 4.4.1). But the task not working. It show "Running Task Migrate File dataobjects from 3.x and successive iterations in 4.x" but nothings happen. Any Ideas?