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Where Organizations is the name of the many-many relationship you have set up


Yeah, I just figured this out, for some reason I can swear this didn’t work last week, but perhaps I was lacking coffee


Hello, I created a private package for our contact page and then extending the Page which is not using a namespace so i just do use Page; on contact page when i view my contact page, the front end didn’t load the Page template.


which one? the Layout/ or the global template?


Its fixed now, so im using templates/namespace/Layout/ and solve the issue, earlier im using templates/namespace/


Hi all. Userforms question.... Does anybody know if it’s possible to submit the form to a recipient based on the choice of a radiobutton on the frontend?


Should be possible using the “Custom Rules” tab under recipients. You can set it to only send to a recipient based on form values.

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Hello, any recommendation for CMS color picker?