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Its fixed now, so im using templates/namespace/Layout/ and solve the issue, earlier im using templates/namespace/


Hi all. Userforms question.... Does anybody know if it’s possible to submit the form to a recipient based on the choice of a radiobutton on the frontend?


Should be possible using the “Custom Rules” tab under recipients. You can set it to only send to a recipient based on form values.

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Hello, any recommendation for CMS color picker?


Would someone be able to explain to me how SilverStripe does it's magic around has_one? I have an ElementalArea that I am trying to map to in a __call magic method, but it seems like method_exists ($this, "ElementalArea") returns false still. It seems like SS is mapping function calls to properties?


Could anyone suggest a good Docker image to use for SilverStripe 4.4?


I use as a base image for my dev environments

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Docker - SilverStripe Web - Apache + PHP + xdebug for development environments

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2 seconds, just upgrading a site from 4.3 to 4.4 so will know shortly 😛