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Anything "breaking", if the javascript API changes, template syntax changes, PHP API changes, in a way that breaks existing functionality, it's a new major


SemVer clearly describes it: >>> Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,
MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and
PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes.

Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.


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Good morning people. Curious one I’ve just found — I have a client that has Product pages displayed on a ProductHolder page type. He wants to display the ProductHolder page as a virtual page on different parts of the site (this is to do with only entering Product information once). However the ProductHolder virtual page only displays the page headings, not the Product page information that should also be showing (i.e. it is not a complete copy). Can anybody tell me what’s going on?


It's because the VirtualPage is not inheriting the Controller


Extend VirtualPage, e.g. VirtualProductPage and have it reference the controller to use