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@gened do you use docker-sync or nfs or nothing specific? how fast is file changes propagation for you?


I tried docker-sync, but ended up with the configuration above which works great. As you can see I don’t :cache themes, app and public and propagation is normal. It’s not ideal for a SS3 site as vendor directories are in the root and you’d have to manually specify them after each composer require.


Probably could just simplify the above with this

  1. php:
  2. volumes:
  3. - tmp-volume:/tmp
  4. - ${APPLICATION_DIR}/.env:/var/www/html/
  5. - ${APPLICATION_DIR}/vendor:/var/www/html/vendor:cached


Hey folks, still looking for any tips on this one 🙂


Hi, is there any task that needs to run after a SS upgrade from 3.6 to 4.2 for SiteTree DependentPages to be updated.

Dave W

Hey there, trying to add the ID of a data object to the $searchable_fields in 4.2, but it doesn't seem to work. Clicking the magnifying glass doesn't show a field to enter the ID number. Is there something special needed to get the ID searchable?

  1. private static $searchable_fields = [
  2. 'ID'
  3. ];

try 'ID' => NumericField::class thats how i got it working

Dave W

@rosh Thanks man,

Got it working with:

  1. 'ID' => [
  2. 'title' => 'Product ID #',
  3. 'field' => NumericField::class,
  4. 'filter' => 'PartialMatchFilter',
  5. ],
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Hi there, thanks for all the help you are providing through this channel, I am working on the site, which someone else has upgraded from Silevrstripe 3 to 4, but when I access admin page, it shows attached Not found error for 2-3 sec and them just gone. I know there are some problems in the cms, but not quite sure how to correct that Not found error, what it is referring to? Can you please help?