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I’m currently trying to backport it to Omnipay v2 😅

Patrick Nelson

y'know @Jim Speir you kid, but with WebAssembly, all things are possible ... 😂

Patrick Nelson

@andante > technically silverstripe platform is a PaaS

Yeah, it definitely looks like a legit PaaS, no doubt about it. The main thing is that it abstracts away the underlying hosting management entirely and (again) isn't just a shared server per se.


Here I sit on a wet Saturday afternoon trying to solve my problem from earlier this week…

At the moment in my SS4 install VirtualPage is only displaying actual Product pages. My client wants to use VirtualPage to display ProductHolder page types. Currently all that they get is the page H1 tag, with no content.

According to @Firesphere and @MichalKleiner I need to extend VirtualPage as VirtualPage is not inheriting the Controller. There are two ways to do this — I’m trying the method which is ‘less obfuscated’ ie easier for Content Authors to understand.

Except that all I’ve managed to produce from the attached code is a White Screen of Death

Is there anybody out there this Saturday afternoon that can offer advice?


Add public function getControllerName(){ return ProductPageController::class; } to your VirtualProductPage


That will tell the virtual page to use the ProductPageController as the controller for this virtual page